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Birth name Robbie Russell Birthplace Dublin, Ireland Genres All Music, All Genres Years active 9 Hobbies: Radio, Mobile DJ, DIY, Computer Games Where did you go to school: Dublin What did you want to be when you were 6: 7 Finger buffet or A La Carte: Finger Buffet Wine or Beer: Cider buh! Celeb that looks most like you: […]

Who ate all the Crisps?...

All Music, All Genres

Hi,   My name is Marc Richards and I have been involved in radio as a presenter for over 30 years (ouch). I has worked many Northern Soul clubs throughout the UK and have been lucky enough to work with some of the major soul acts Mary Wilson (Supremes), Martha Reeves, Edwin Starr, Chuck Jackson, […]

It’s said I’ve got the perfect face for radio; therefore I have been involved in numerous presenting projects. It all started when I produced a radio play back in the 90’s for the local BBC station, carried on with an afternoon music show in Spain and still goes on now. Coming from a live music […]

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