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Ian Riches 12 hour radio Children in Need show on SkyHigh Radio

Ian Riches 12 hour radio Children in Need show on SkyHigh Radio

Our very own Ian Riches from the Ian Riches Show  cares very deeply about raising money for good causes and always does something different every year.

This year Ian has decided to combine his passion for music and entertaining you and raise money as well.

So on Children In Need day, Friday 17th November from 7am you will be able to tune in to for a 12 hour radio show.

You can request songs for a small donation to this fantastic cause. Every £ helps in some way, so let’s all put our hands in and donate.

If you was going to donate to Children In Need anyway then please donate here.

I’m doing my thing for BBC Children in Need. As a grant maker, they support disadvantaged children and young people all across the UK. With our support, they are able to change almost half a million young lives across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland every single year.

‘The highest pledge wins the item. We will ask the highest bidder to then make a donation for that amount through the Just Giving link, once the donation has been received then we will arrange the finer details with them’

At the end of the show the highest pledge for each item will be announced and when the amount is donated into the just giving page the prize will be released. You can still donate the amount you pledged if you do not win.

These items are for bidding on in :some things to bid for in the Weston Super Mare area with our very own Simon Tolley
1.A night in the studio broadcasting live with me @ SkyHigh Radio
2. A signed first editon of Ian Lawton’s new album cd/dvd not yet released in the UK.
3. 2  signed copies of Melanie Chambers, 12 nights of Elfin, childrens audio and book.
4. A day with Simon and a personal tour of the Helicopter museum, with tea and cake.
5. An evening in a flight simulator, fly any helicopter in any part of the world.

These are also for bidding on globally.

A cooking masterclass with Mathew from Cool Beans

The latest Showaddywaddy cd ‘Next Chapter’ signed by the Band

A George Foreman Grill and melt.

A 3 day pass to the London Anime @Gaming Con February 2018   provided by the London Anime @Gaming Con


Steve Jenner

November 6th, 2017

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